[ANSTHRLD] badge revision

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Thanks Emma!

This is by far the best answer and exactly what I needed! :)

I think that Hillary is right about the purple one, it was Annora's 
unregistered personal symbol prior to registering it for Society.


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> Laurel precedent actually says "Badges may not be registered for officers
> (including deputy officers) if a kingdom or corporate level badge for that
> position exists." [Repeated most recently in Ansteorra, Kingdom of, 05/05,
> R-Ansteorra].
> In this specific case, there is both a kingdom badge (the "Or, semy of 
> hands
> sable") one, registered in 1999, and a later Society-wide one, "Per pale
> purpure and argent, two roundels counterchanged" registered in 2000. We 
> can
> continue using the kingdom one, since it was registered first, but I
> strongly suspect we won't be able to change it, and certainly cannot
> register a 'new' badge for the office, since a corporate level badge now
> exists.
> For other local offices, they can only use the kingdom (or Society) 
> badges,
> not make up their own, if they already exist.
> -Emma, Bordure

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