[ANSTHRLD] baronial service awards

Alden Drake alden_drake at sbcglobal.net
Wed May 9 09:13:40 PDT 2007

Jay Rudin wrote:
> Not afraid to ask the tough ones, are you?
Nope!  At least I don't ask them too often. :)  I try to save up for the 
really good questions. hehe
> This one is based on experience, not logic.  It became traditional long ago 
> that the B&B are in fact members of the baronial service orders, and retain 
> it afterwards, despite the fact that Crowns do *not* retain membership in 
> the various kingdom orders.

> So the Ansteorran custom is that making somebody a Baron or Baroness in fief 
> makes them members of the Order, even though it isn't spoken in court 
> explicitly, just as an Iris, Star, Scarf, or later Grant Order gives a 
> Grant, even though the Grant of Arms is not explicitly mentioned.
Except that when someone gets a grant level award (other than a GoA), 
their OPs aren't updated with a GoA in addition to their grant level 
award, where a person without a baronial service award who becomes a 
B-I-F *does* get the service award added to their OP entry. 

I certainly have no objection to this custom, but I think that the 
service award should in fact read into law in court to make it valid.

Thanks Master Robin! 


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