[ANSTHRLD] baronial service awards

Kimberly Langhans sarapenrose at yahoo.com
Wed May 9 09:17:59 PDT 2007

Really??? Man, someone should write this stuff down. I would say it's common knowledge that B&Bs are the principals of their Baronial Service Orders *while* they are landed, but this is the first time I've heard it said that they retain the award afterward. I think it's perfectly reasonable, mind you, but I had no idea that's how it worked. Does it still work that way, or has there been a recent shift (the comment about the Baronial Service Order being awarded to landeds *before* their stepping up makes me wonder)? If anyone had asked me, my answer would likely have been similar to William's.
  Off to check some OP entries...

Jay Rudin <rudin at ev1.net> wrote:
  This one is based on experience, not logic. It became traditional long ago 
that the B&B are in fact members of the baronial service orders, and retain 
it afterwards, despite the fact that Crowns do *not* retain membership in 
the various kingdom orders.

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