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> Really??? Man, someone should write this stuff down. I would say it's common knowledge that B&Bs
> are the principals of their Baronial Service Orders *while* they are landed, but this is the
> first time I've heard it said that they retain the award afterward. I think it's perfectly
> reasonable, mind you, but I had no idea that's how it worked. Does it still work that way, or
> has there been a recent shift (the comment about the Baronial Service Order being awarded to
> landeds *before* their stepping up makes me wonder)? If anyone had asked me, my answer would
> likely have been similar to William's.
>   Off to check some OP entries...
>   Sara
>   Zodiacus
Hum, I agree with Sara, I didn't know this either.  Thought the B&B were the principals but not
necessarily the holders of the order, till the baronial order was explicitely granted to them, not
implied by virtue of being seated on the baronial thrones.  I checked kingdom law, and saw nothing
referring to the automatic granting of baronial orders to B&B's that don't previously hold it;
unless it's in an SCA law/corpora or elsewhere.  As Sara said, this stuff needs to be written
It's rather rare for it to happen as most new B&B's would have been around long enough to have
obtained the baronial order, but it's always possible, as seen in the new B&B of Namron.  Though I
can see how it may be appropriate for a founding B&B to be the first principals in a new baronial
order, as no one has been inducted.  

Good question, Hillary

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