[ANSTHRLD] baronial service awards

Wendel Bordelon rwbordelon at gmail.com
Wed May 9 14:11:15 PDT 2007

Greetings unto all!

Sara Zodiacus wrote:
> > Really??? Man, someone should write this stuff down.

Serena Blanc Gryffon replied:
>                     ... Sara, I hope you've already opened a file on your
> computer and are stuffing it full of all these things that, it seems,
> only Robin and I remember anymore.
>                                                                               ...  This is
> another one of those ancient Ansteorran common-law things that
> everyone used to know,
> This practice is part of the body of Ansteorran common law.  (And
> yeah, I really do mean that in the technical legal sense of the
> phrase.)

If only a couple people still remember something how does it remain
common law?  Especially since it does not seem to have been the
practice for a while.  The Society and the Kingdom change for what it
was and how it worked even 10 years ago. I think some things have
gotten better and some have gotten worse.  Whether you consider the
change in this regard as good or bad, a decision needs to be made
about what to do now.

In my opinion, it does not matter if membership is automatically given
because someone takes on the baronial responsiblity or not, it must be
publicly stated.


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