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Bill Butler chemistbb3 at yahoo.com
Wed May 9 16:37:05 PDT 2007

For me, The Crown's Words are Law. (Once properly read
and posted as put forward by Kingdom Law...)

Should They issue a Law that says that becoming a
Landed B&B makes one a member of the Baronial Service
Order and that the Law is retroactive for all who have
ever held the office, so be it.

But my question in reguards to Robin's comments is was
it Common Law, or a Standing Rule, that the Landeds
automaticly become members of the Baronial Service
Orders.  Common Law may be "forever" but a Standing
Rule can fall to the wayside through disuse.  Also
what maybe a Standing Rule for one group may not be
for another.

(Draging out the soapbox and tossing in 2 coppers...)

To me, getting an award just because you hold a
position is not right.  Would anyone be for giving
everyone a Thisle for Heraldry when they become a
local Herald or a Star of Merit just because they held
the position of Regional Schenshal?  Now, if the New
B&B of a group want to give the Baronial Service Award
to the B&B who just stepped down, just like normally
giving them Court Baronies, that would be OK.


--- Darin Herndon <DHerndon at chkenergy.com> wrote:

> I love discussions like this.  They are educational
> and fun at the same
> time.  But then, I'm a heraldry junkie so I guess
> that should be
> expected.
> I'll look forward to Mistress Serena's write up but
> I have two questions
> that are really procedural and really impact what
> happens going forward.
> 1) There is statutory law, edict (only lasts the
> reign), and common
> law/tradition so strong it is like unto law.  Master
> Robin noted that it
> is remembered in areas of the central region that he
> noted.  I found
> places where it was forgotten and Alden already
> mentioned checking with
> Godwin and we saw William's responses early on as to
> other areas that
> are not aware of this tradition.  So, do we need to
> do more than have
> Star go to the Crown with this issue and have a
> statutory solution put
> in place so the law (common or statutory) is
> correctly and consistently
> applied?
> 2) Presuming that the Crown does not try to create a
> statutory answer
> that opposes and overrides this tradition...  Once a
> solution is in law,
> how would this group recommend that the Crown or
> Principal Herald
> present this to the populace and also to former
> landeds who should, by
> common law, have membership but believe they do not?
> Etienne
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