[ANSTHRLD] some comments on the April ILOI

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Fri May 11 13:43:31 PDT 2007

> 4) Caitrin de Lacy. (Bordermarch)
>    [Name] <Caitrin> I found no evidence to document this form of Catherine
> to period.  The Woulfe entry may be modern.

Woulfe's given names section has bunches of modern-only names.  So, we should 
use his book ONLY for surnames, NOT for given names.

Unless independent evidence can be found that a name listed there dates to 
period, we have to assume it is modern.

Here's a precedent:

[Elizabeth M'Kiernane] Submitted as Eilis M'Kiernan the Weaver, Eilis was 
submitted as an Irish Gaelic form of Elizabeth. Woulfe (p. 210 s.n. Eilís) 
lists the header forms Eilís and Eilíse. Not all of the given names listed in 
Woulfe were used in period. Since no documentation was provided and none was 
found that Eilís was used in period, it is not registerable. This name, in 
the forms Eilís and Eilis, has only been registered a total of five times, 
too few to be considered SCA compatible. [Rhiannon of Berra, 05/2002, A-


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