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Acceptances :)

Alessandra Leoncini. Name and device. Per chevron embattled argent and 
gules, two sheaves of arrows gules and a lion's head cabossed Or.

Ascelyn of Glentewrde. Name and device. Per bend sinister gules and Or, a 
unicorn argent and a rose gules.

Catalina Isabel de Silva. Name.

Christopher Summerset. Name.

    Originally submitted as Christopher Summerset, the name was changed at 
kingdom to Christopher Sumerset because no documentation was found to 
support a spelling of the byname with two ms. Wreath notes several gray area 
forms with the double-m from ancestry.com "Parish and Probate Records." The 
records in question do not appear to be normalized, and so are appropriate 
for use in this case. We have changed the name back to the originally 
submitted form.
Eilína ingen Ascaill. Name.

    Submitted as Eilína ingen Ascaidh, no documentation was given and none 
found to suggest that Ascaidh was a period form for the patronymic. The 
documentation, MacLysaght The Surnames of Ireland, s.n. Caskey, suggests 
that it is a form of the Norse name Askell. Reaney and Wilson, A Dictionary 
of English Surnames, s.n. MacCaskey, suggest that Ascaidh is a Gaelic 
diminutive of Askell. However, we have found no examples of such a 
diminutive in Irish annals, strongly suggesting that the Gaelic form in 
MacLysaght is modern. The Annals of Ulster have the name Ascall in 1172; the 
orthography of this set of annals is Middle Irish, which is consistent with 
form of the patronymic particle used in this name. We have changed the name 
to Eilína ingen Ascaill in order to register it.

    This name mixes Old Norse and Gaelic; this is one step from period 
practice. We have found no forms of the name Eilína or similar sounding 
names in Middle Irish. However, if the submitter is interested in a fully 
Old Norse form of this name, we suggest Eilína Áskels dóttir. We note that a 
fully Old Norse name would be the appropriate form for a Norse woman living 
in Viking Dublin or Wexford.
Elisabeth Pendarvis. Name and device. Gules, a chevron inverted sable 
fimbriated between three round buckles one and two argent.

Elspeth de Stervlen. Name.

Geoffrey Tailor. Device. Or, on a bend between six anchors vert in dexter 
chief a fish Or.

Gerhart Wolfgang der Rote. Name.

Jaquelinne Marguerite de la Ryver. Name.

    The submitter requested authenticity for 13th-14th C but accepted minor 
changes only. While the submitted name is registerable, there are two issues 
with its potential authenticity. First, the given names Jaquelinne and 
Marguerite are French while the byname is Anglo-Norman or English. The 
spelling Ryver is well attested in England, but, so far, we have found no 
examples in France. Second, double given names are rare in France until the 
end of the 16th C; we have no examples of this practice during the 13th-14th 
C. For an authentic name for this period, we suggest dropping one of the 
given names and substituting an attested French form for the byname. While 
we have been unable to find a form of the byname in the 13th-14th C, 
Aryanhwy merch Catmael, "French Names from Paris, 1421, 1423, & 1438", 
(http://www.ellipsis.cx/~liana/names/french/paris1423.html), shows the 
spelling de la Riviere in 1421. Jaquelinne de la Riviere or Marguerite de la 
Riviere are both fine late 14th-early 15th C French names. We would change 
the name to one of these forms, but the submitter will not accept major 
changes such as dropping a name element or changing the language of an 
Lennán mac Neill. Name and device. Vert, three tridents argent.

    Submitted as Leannán MacNeil, no documentation was submitted and none 
found to suggest that the Early Modern Irish name Leannán was used in period 
as a given name. Ó Corrain and Maguire, Irish Names, s.n. Lennán, date the 
Middle Irish form to the beginning of the 10th C, but provide no later 
dates. We have been unable to find this name in the Irish annals after 1200 
except as a true surname, which suggest that it fell out of use as a given 
name before this period. Therefore, the given name is only registerable in 
its Middle Irish form, Lennán. However, there is a more than 300 year gap 
between the 915 date for the given name and the 1329 date for the byname; 
combined with the fact that the name mixes Gaelic and English, such a change 
would render the name unregisterable. Fortunately, the submitter will accept 
all changes such as changing the language of an element. Mari Elspeth nic 
Bryan, "Index to Names in Irish Annals", shows the given name Niall in 971 
and 978 in Middle Irish contexts. The appropriate patronymic form would be 
mac Neill. We have changed the name to Lennán mac_Neill, a fully 10th C 
Irish form, in order to register it.

    Please advise the submitter to draw the tridents thicker.
Miguel Sebastian da Oporto. Badge. (Fieldless) In pale a phoenix gules, 
issuant from a goblet Or.

Roulant Marat. Name and device. Per bend Or and sable, a tower gules and a 
tree blasted argent.

    Submitted as Roulant fitz Marat, there was some question whether the 
surname Marat was derived from a personal name. Dauzat and Rostaing, 
Dictionnaire Etymologique des Noms de Lieux de la France s.n. Marat, says 
that the name is a variant of Marana. They derive the name Marana from the 
given name Marus with an added suffix. However, while Marat is a modern day 
placename derived from this name, there is no evidence to suggest that 
Marat, as opposed to Marus, was a given name in period. Because Marat does 
not appear to be a given name, using it with the Anglo-Norman modifier fitz 
"son" is incorrect. We have changed the name to Roulant_Marat in order to 
register it.
Sean Cannan. Device. Or, on a bend sinister between two flames gules, a 
sword proper.

Wolfger von Eisenstadt. Name and device. Or, a wolf rampant azure, on a 
chief sable three crosses formy Or.

Xene Theriane. Alternate name Ximena Grifón de Mendoça.



Ana Maria de Albion. Name.

    This item was withdrawn by the submitter.
Constance Elizabeth Campbell. Name.

    This submissions was withdrawn by the submitter; she contacted 
Laurel/Pelican directly.
Gwen verch Cynwrig de Ynys Mon. Name.

    No documentation was submitted and none found to suggest that the 
placename Ynys Mon is found in period, or that it follows patterns found in 
Welsh placenames. Barring such documentation, this byname is not 
registerable. We would drop the problem element, but the submitter will not 
accept major changes. Therefore, we are forced to return this name.
Kenzing von Morgarten. Name change from Morgund McKenzie.

    No documentation was submitted and none found to suggest that Kenzing 
was a given name in period. The documentation states that this is a 
descriptive byname, and the name example, Kraft Kenzing von Derendingen, 
clearly shows it being used in this way. RfS III.2.a "Personal Names states 
that a personal name must contain a given name and at least one byname. 
Barring documentation for Kenzing as a given name, the name as submitted is 
not registerable.

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