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Ahh, lovely examples of things to practice blazoning skills on. :)

Speaking of which, Ansteorran Heraldic & Scribal is coming up in a few
months. What classes (particularly on the heraldic front, given this list)
would you all like to see? And by 'you all', I mean all you local heralds
and others with an interest.


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I've created a bunch of emblazon collections for my heraldry student
to practice blazoning. They go from pretty easy to some of the
weirdest things I could find in the Ordinary, so the challenge level
grows rapidly.  If you're looking to make yourself a little nuts (or
blame me for making you nus) with some of the odder things the SCA has
to offer heraldically, be my guest and visit:


The Officer's Badges have a West Kingdom slant to them, as my
student's in Golden Rivers and should know locally relevant armory.

The badges and anything labeled Collection I created for straight
blazon practice - can you figure out how to describe them in words?
Now, a couple have multiple blazons which are equally relevant. Since
many are registered in the SCA (others are real world) you might
blazon it, look it up, and find a different blazon. Or if you care to
ask me about your blazons (along with the emblazons I'm extending to
anyone who wants the invitation to send me your blazons for a
critique) and I come up with something different, we might all be

The Style exercises (right now there's only one but I'll be doing
more) is for applying RfS VII and VIII to and in the future I'll also
work up some stuff for IX and XI.  Some are legal, some are not, and
the exercise is to figure out which the armory is - legal or illegal -
and explain why.

Eventually I'll codify lessons for each individual collection of
armory with guidelines for how to use them, but right now I'm simply
presenting them for anyone who wants to play around. I'll also be
doing future exercises related to Laurel precedents.

Go ahead and forward the URL and info to anyone you think might be
interested, individual or list.  And my email address, as well, if

Feel free to email me with questions, your results, criticism,
suggestions, whatever, These are for fun, so enjoy.

- Teceangl
tierna at agora.rdrop.com

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