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On 5/18/07, Jennifer Smith <jds at randomgang.com> wrote:
> Ahh, lovely examples of things to practice blazoning skills on. :)
> Speaking of which, Ansteorran Heraldic & Scribal is coming up in a few
> months. What classes (particularly on the heraldic front, given this list)
> would you all like to see? And by 'you all', I mean all you local heralds
> and others with an interest.
> -Emma
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> I've created a bunch of emblazon collections for my heraldry student
> to practice blazoning. They go from pretty easy to some of the
> weirdest things I could find in the Ordinary, so the challenge level
> grows rapidly.  If you're looking to make yourself a little nuts (or
> blame me for making you nus) with some of the odder things the SCA has
> to offer heraldically, be my guest and visit:
> http://s3.photobucket.com/albums/y67/Alienplayer/Heraldry/Practice/
> The Officer's Badges have a West Kingdom slant to them, as my
> student's in Golden Rivers and should know locally relevant armory.
> The badges and anything labeled Collection I created for straight
> blazon practice - can you figure out how to describe them in words?
> Now, a couple have multiple blazons which are equally relevant. Since
> many are registered in the SCA (others are real world) you might
> blazon it, look it up, and find a different blazon. Or if you care to
> ask me about your blazons (along with the emblazons I'm extending to
> anyone who wants the invitation to send me your blazons for a
> critique) and I come up with something different, we might all be
> right.
> The Style exercises (right now there's only one but I'll be doing
> more) is for applying RfS VII and VIII to and in the future I'll also
> work up some stuff for IX and XI.  Some are legal, some are not, and
> the exercise is to figure out which the armory is - legal or illegal -
> and explain why.
> Eventually I'll codify lessons for each individual collection of
> armory with guidelines for how to use them, but right now I'm simply
> presenting them for anyone who wants to play around. I'll also be
> doing future exercises related to Laurel precedents.
> Go ahead and forward the URL and info to anyone you think might be
> interested, individual or list.  And my email address, as well, if
> needed.
> Feel free to email me with questions, your results, criticism,
> suggestions, whatever, These are for fun, so enjoy.
> - Teceangl
> tierna at agora.rdrop.com
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