[ANSTHRLD] Opening an office for applications

Star - Ansteorra star at ansteorra.org
Tue Sep 11 09:28:53 PDT 2007

Greetings fellow heralds,
I just want to remind you all that when an office opens for
applications, that opening must be published in a newsletter wherever

Regional and/or Local heralds should post local herald position in the
branch's newsletter.  If the branch does not have a newsletter, other
avenues of publication (specific to that branch) are acceptable
(website, email list, seneschal's report, etc.).

All kingdom and deputy kingdom heraldic offices should be published in
the Black Star (primary) and Ansteorran Gazette.  If you have
subordinate officers report to you, please make sure Star is aware of
offices open for application to get those announcements published.

Scribal offices should be managed by Star Signet, who will post
openings directly.

If there are any questions/comments about this, please let me know.

In service,
Incoming Star

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