[ANSTHRLD] Quarterly Report Due Date

Star - Ansteorra star at ansteorra.org
Tue Sep 11 05:37:06 PDT 2007

Greetings unto all,

Please note that because Star's report to Crown is due at Crown
Tourney, the due date for all those who submit a Quarterly Report to
Star is being moved up to September 25.  Earlier is good.  Later is
not so good.  Please send your reports on time.  If you have deputy
heralds/pursuivants under you, please include a quarterly summary of
their offices too.

If your office is listed below, I expect a report from you:
All Regional Heralds (including local pursuivants)
Asterisk Herald
Bordure Herald
Obelisk Herald (including Arbalest, Retiarius,and Sigillarius Pursuivants)
Zodiacus Herald (including Stellar Scroll Pursuivant)
Tressure Herald (Including Armillary Pursuivant)
Star Signet (including College of Scribes)

Thank you all for your service,

Incoming Star

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