[ANSTHRLD] Looking for Info on Branches

Diane Rudin serena1570 at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 12 22:03:29 PDT 2007

--- Jacquie Ziegler <shauna at bresnan.net> wrote:

> >> Paiscumbre
> The name form has Austin, San Marcos and Greenbriar School in
> Austin, Texas. There is also a blazon of


> The name is supposed to be Spanish for Hill Country. There is no 
> specific name or address on the form.

Catalina already answered this long ago in this thread (in fact, it
was the first post on this thread, before the question even got
posted), but here it is again, more verbosely stated so as to reduce
the chances of it getting lost in the loquacity of the list again:

This was the name originally submitted for the shire, which became in
1979 the barony, now known as Bryn Gwlad.

Why wasn't it filed with the Bryn Gwlad paperwork, and why wasn't
Bryn Gwlad's name submission listed as a resubmission?  Well, I
wasn't there, but at a guess, I'd say that it's because things were
run rather more, umm, casually back then.


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