[ANSTHRLD] historical group list for Ansteorra

Sweet, Debby deborah.s.sweet at okstate.edu
Thu Sep 13 13:19:10 PDT 2007

>> Active:

>> Skorragar{dh}r, Canton of
>> 	[Shawnee, OK]		
>> 	reg. Dec. 2004 (via Ansteorra)
>> ---------------------------------
>> Inactive/Defunct/Released:

>> Thri Mylenas, Shire of		
>> 	[Shawnee, OK]
>> 	reg. Nov. 1989 (via Ansteorra)
>> 	rel. Feb. 2005 (via Ansteorra)

>These both say Shawnee.  Is this another case of two unrelated groups
in the 
>same location?  Any ideas?  

Yes. Same location -- two different groups. The first attempted to be a
shire and now the second is a canton to Namron.

The absolutely only other thing in common between both groups is one
member, Caius Fabius, a former member of Mooneschadowe. He would be the
person to ask any questions about Thri Mylenas.


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