[ANSTHRLD] updated historical group list for Ansteorra

Kathleen O'Brien kobrien at texas.net
Thu Sep 13 22:27:11 PDT 2007

I've finished putting together a webpage for the historical group list.  If
someone can let me know who to email the HTML file to, I'll send that off
and it can get posted somewhere on the website.

There are still a couple of bits of info I need to get it mostly complete.

These are:

Bastion de la Fronti{'e}re
	- need mundane location

Saint Clare, College of
	- anything anyone can remember about this group.  The name was returned on
the 03/87 LoAR.

Torre de los Brazos
	- need mundane location

	- need mundane location

Below are the lists of items that should and should not have
cross-references / pointers in the Laurel files based on the O&A and
discussions on this list (including from previous years).




The groups below may need cross-references/pointers in 
the Laurel files (some already have them)


Bisons Run, Shire of
	Bartlesville, OK
	was: Heron's Keep, Laurel return - 09/93	

Bryn Gwlad, Barony of
	Austin, TX
	was: Paiscumbre, Laurel return - 08/77	

Inis Feinics	Canton	of
	Cleveland, TX
	was: Isle of the Golden Phoenix, Laurel return 09/93	

Loch Ruadh, Shire of	
	(western) Fort Worth, TX
	was: D{'u}n an Locha Ruaidh, reg. 09/93, changed 12/98	

Mooneschadowe, Province of
	Stillwater, OK
	was: Mona Sceaduw, reg. Jan 1981 (via Ansteorra), changed Jun 1984

Northkeep, Barony of
	Tulsa, OK
	was: Nord As Das Strom - I don't think this name made it to Laurel
Rundel	Canton	of
	McAlester, OK
	[never registered]	
	was: Glomedal, Gnomen Vale, Gnomevale - don't think any of these made it
to Laurel level	

Stonebridge Keep, Shire of
	Victoria, TX	
	was: Rivertree, Laurel return 01/98	

T{i'}r Med{o'}in, Shire of
	Rockdale, TX
	was: Cridhe na Tyr - I don't think this name made it to Laurel	

Trelac, Shire of
	San Angelo, TX	
	was: Standonshire, reg. 11/93, changed 02/95
	was: Treloch, Laurel return
- 05/92
	was: Three Lochs, Laurel return - 03/87

Turris Aquilae, Shire of
	Borger, TX
	was: Hillsfar Haven - don't think this name made it to Laurel	


Same mundane locations, but not related:
(so they should NOT have cross-references/pointers in the Laurel files)


An Loch, Shire of
	Borger, TX
	NOT related to Turris Aquilae

Chemin Noir, Canton of
	Bartlesville, OK
	NOT related to Bisons Run	

Skorragar{dh}r, Canton of
	Shawnee, OK
	NOT related to Thri Mylenas	

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