[ANSTHRLD] updated historical group list for Ansteorra

Brian O'hUilliam brianoftheloch at gmail.com
Thu Sep 13 22:35:40 PDT 2007

Torre, if I was told correctly, was in the the Angleton/Lake Jackson area.
That is also where the group of people who are trying to restart it are


On 9/14/07, Kathleen O'Brien <kobrien at texas.net> wrote:
> I've finished putting together a webpage for the historical group
> list.  If
> someone can let me know who to email the HTML file to, I'll send that off
> and it can get posted somewhere on the website.
> There are still a couple of bits of info I need to get it mostly complete.
> These are:
> Torre de los Brazos
>        - need mundane location
> Below are the lists of items that should and should not have
> cross-references / pointers in the Laurel files based on the O&A and
> discussions on this list (including from previous years).
> Mari

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