[ANSTHRLD] June LOAR results for Ansteorra

Kathleen O'Brien kobrien at texas.net
Fri Sep 28 15:37:31 PDT 2007

>Oyez, Oyez, Oyez....
>This is to announce Laurel's decision reguarding
Ansteorra's name and device
>submissions for the month of December 2006.

Note that a number of these have discussions.  Those can be viewed in the
LoAR posted on the Laurel website.


>{O,}rn Þengilsson. Name and device. Azure, a chevron of chain between
>anvils and a Thor's hammer argent.

The non-ascii characters didn't come through: <{TH}englilsson>.

>Robert fitzWilliam of Warminster. Name.

Typo: <fitz William>.

>Jean Claude Clisson. Device. Sable, on a nude winged man
argent a sword
>inverted sable and a chief embattled argent
Arcátlan. Name

The non-ascii characters didn't come through: <Arc{a'}tlan>.

For posting LoAR info with non-ascii characters, it's probably easier to
pull the text from the Da'ud version of the LoAR.


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