[ANSTHRLD] Royal Crowns (was Re: arms - your thoughts)

Jennifer Smith jds at randomgang.com
Tue Aug 19 12:35:48 PDT 2008

Alden wrote:
> I interpret "royal crown" to mean distinguishably different 
> from ducal, 
> county, viscounty, or baronial coronets, and pretty much 
> anything that 
> doesn't specifically fall into those categories, or has been 
> grandfathered to individuals, falls into the category of use 
> for/by the 
> Crown of a kingdom only.  So a "royal crown" isn't exactly 
> specific.  It 
> could also be argued that since former Crowns are considered "royal 
> family", crowns worn by them would be considered "royal crowns". 

Typically I agree with you, but when dealing with heraldic terms... I went
with what Brooke-Little (_An Heraldic Alphabet_) and others called a 'Royal

The achievement text says "Royal charged with mullets of five greater and
five lesser points sable".

> It seems to me this brings up a good reason to revise the achievement 
> registration and specifically detail the type of crown 
> displayed in the 
> kingdom achievement (and if the consensus is to use the style 
> of crown 
> depicted in the image Garreth posted, I'm fine with that - I 
> just think 
> in keeping with blazoning, the description should be 
> unambiguous and be 
> reproduced the same by multiple artists).

Yeah. I'm personally of the opinion that the achievement registration should
require artwork. After all, we register blazon (words) to match the picture
(emblazon), why do it backwards with our achievements?


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