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Find me an artist and I will have it approved to show the pictures.

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On Tue, Aug 19, 2008 at 2:35 PM, Jennifer Smith <jds at randomgang.com> wrote:

> Alden wrote:
> > I interpret "royal crown" to mean distinguishably different
> > from ducal,
> > county, viscounty, or baronial coronets, and pretty much
> > anything that
> > doesn't specifically fall into those categories, or has been
> > grandfathered to individuals, falls into the category of use
> > for/by the
> > Crown of a kingdom only.  So a "royal crown" isn't exactly
> > specific.  It
> > could also be argued that since former Crowns are considered "royal
> > family", crowns worn by them would be considered "royal crowns".
> Typically I agree with you, but when dealing with heraldic terms... I went
> with what Brooke-Little (_An Heraldic Alphabet_) and others called a 'Royal
> Crown'.
> The achievement text says "Royal charged with mullets of five greater and
> five lesser points sable".
> > It seems to me this brings up a good reason to revise the achievement
> > registration and specifically detail the type of crown
> > displayed in the
> > kingdom achievement (and if the consensus is to use the style
> > of crown
> > depicted in the image Garreth posted, I'm fine with that - I
> > just think
> > in keeping with blazoning, the description should be
> > unambiguous and be
> > reproduced the same by multiple artists).
> Yeah. I'm personally of the opinion that the achievement registration
> should
> require artwork. After all, we register blazon (words) to match the picture
> (emblazon), why do it backwards with our achievements?
> -Emma
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