[ANSTHRLD] Quick check if I may

Jay Rudin rudin at ev1.net
Thu Aug 21 08:07:54 PDT 2008

Masamune wrote:

>I wouldn't think you could do that with just a plate.  Look at the other 
>examples, they all have complex edges.
> I don't see how '(fieldless) a plate' as a badge differs from 'argent.' 
> This seems suspiciously like blazoning out of a conflict to me.
> Perhaps there's some other rule or precedence I'm missing.

First of all, since we don't protect "argent", there's no conflict to 
blazon your way out of.

Secondly, "fieldless" doesn't mean it can't be displayed on a field, it 
means it can be displayed on any field, or none.

So they are identical only in one method of display, just as "argent a 
rustre vert" and "vert a plate within a bordure argent" are identical only 
if displayed on a lozenge.

If you can display a white circle alone, or a white circle on a black 
pennant, or a white circle on a green lozenge, or a white circle on a vairy 
kite shield, then you have "(Fieldless) a plate".

But if you can display a white circle alone, or a white pennant, or a white 
lozenge, or a white kite shield, then you have "Argent".

Similarly, I have a tinctureless mustache badge.  That doesn't mean I can't 
color it in -- it means I can color it in any way I want to.  (Tinctureless 
badges are no longer registerable, but registered ones stay registered.). 
I've used mustaches that were gold on black, gold on red, white on black, 
red on silver, black on white, silver on black, etc.

Robin of Gilwell / Jay Rudin 

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