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Jay Rudin rudin at ev1.net
Thu Aug 21 08:57:23 PDT 2008

Brian asked:

>I am looking for help with the Italian feminine name "Angeline Feliciano."
> Submitter does not specifty period, but has a late period persona. I have
> found the name Angelina for the 14th century nun, later saint, Angelina 
> di
> Marsciano.  Does anyone have information on late female Italian names?  I
> could not find anything for "Feliciano" on Saint Gabriel.  Thanks in
> advance.

Without time for careful research, this looks like a Italian woman's name 
with a French ending and a post-period Spanish surname.  Is that what she 
really wants?

I can't find an Italian feminine name that ends in -ne.  The very few that 
end in -e seem to be -ce, -re, and one that was -nte.  Yes, I know that 
Greek eta sometimes translates as an "e", as in Athena / Athene, but to use 
that fact you'd need to show the Greek derivation, which isn't there. 
Also, does she know that the final "e" would be pronounced in Italian? 
This would be "An-jel-een-eh" or "An-jel-een-ay".  (The final pronounced 
but unaccented vowel is so ubiquitous in Italian that native speakers 
tend-a to put it in-a, even when it does not-a belong-a.)

If she made it French, there's no problem.  The final -e is very common in 

I only know the name "Feliciano" from the Mexican singer.  What reason does 
the submittor have for believing it is either Italian or period?  I don't 
know of the use of "Happy year" as a surname that early, or in Italy.

I am not a scholar of either the Romance languages involved or Italian 
history, and could be mistaken.  But I think she's chosen a non-period 

Robin of Gilwell / Jay Rudin 

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