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Maridonna maridonna at maridonna.com
Thu Aug 21 09:48:35 PDT 2008

Serpentine Pursuivant wrote:
> I am looking for help with the Italian feminine name "Angeline Feliciano."
> Submitter does not specifty period, but has a late period persona. I have
> found the name Angelina for the 14th century nun, later saint, Angelina di
> Marsciano.  Does anyone have information on late female Italian names?  I
> could not find anything for "Feliciano" on Saint Gabriel.  Thanks in
> advance.


<Angeline> looks to be French to me, imo.

<Angelline>,1528, is found in Late Period Feminine Names from the
South of France by Talan Gwynek

Academy report 1679 mentions <Angelina> being found in Late
Medieval Venetian Crete (14-15 C.), url:

<Feliciano> is difficult, but I'm still looking.
Andrea / Maridonna
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