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>I am trying to find something on Mellina for late 15th or early 16th

<Melina> (one L) can be found in a soon-to-be-on-the-web article.  Since
it's not on the web yet, here's a note from the author that you can print
out for documentation.  (The author is a CoA commenter.)



 From Juliana de Luna, Siren Herald:

<Melina> is found twice as a feminine given name in the 1427 Florence 
Catasto data in my possession.  The first citation is from the Condado 
(which section is currently in preparation for online publication as 
"Names in 15th Century Florence and her Dominions: the Condado."

The citation for the complete Catasto database is: Herlihy, David and 
Christiane Klapisch-Zuber, /Census and Property Survey of Florentine 
Domains in the Province of Tuscany, 1427-1480/. Machine readable data 
file. /Online Catasto of 1427/ Version 1.1. Online Florentine 
Renaissance Resources: Brown University, Providence, R.I., 1996.

The entry (in my cleaned up version is): 


It means that she's the head of the 832nd household in their area 6 (the 
Rural quarter of St. Giovanni) Her name was Melina, she was described as 
"di Turlino" (who was her father or deceased husband), she had no other 
byname, and she's female.



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