[ANSTHRLD] Fw: arms - your thoughts

Alasdair MacEogan alasdair at bmhanson.net
Mon Aug 25 14:49:36 PDT 2008

From: "David B. Appleton" <davidappleton at earthlink.net>:

>  To: heralds at lists.ansteorra.org
>  Date: Mon, 25 Aug 2008 17:35:13 -0400 (EDT)
>  Subject: [ANSTHRLD] arms - your thoughts
>  Emma said:
>  >True. But neither is most web art, to be honest. Until we run across that
>  >artist with the beautiful period style that can create umpteen copies in
>  >various sizes, or (even better) can create it in vector format.... Sigh. :)
>  I realize that none of this applies to the specific discussion at hand -- the Ansteorran achievement -- but there is at least a _little_ period heraldic clipart out there, thought not in vector format, at least in .jpg, .tif, and .bmp formats, at http://www.appletonstudios.com/Clipart.htm
>  Da'ud
>  al-Jamal

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