[ANSTHRLD] Considering the term "regalia"

Teceangl tierna.britt at gmail.com
Fri Aug 22 22:57:49 PDT 2008

> Etienne, I beg to differ about your assertion that all regalia is royal
> -- at least until such time as you have a specific source to cite.

At their October meeting, the Board of Directors confirmed that, as
with titles and forms of address, Laurel King of Arms has authority
over the regalia of the SCA-wide orders. The next step will be the
codification and publishing of current regalia standards, which task
falls on Master Da'ud's shoulders ...(30 November, 1993 Cover Letter
(September, 1993 LoAR), pg. 2)

[The principal herald] has provided compelling evidence from
illustrations of the regalia of the Order of the Knights of Calatrava
that what the Society calls a Cross of Calatrava is merely an artistic
variant of the cross flory. (21 May 89, p. 20)

(Sorry about the long URL - it brings up all registered regalia in the

Regalia is not exclusively royal, in the SCA or in the real world.

- Teceangl
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