[ANSTHRLD] Advice request

Jennifer Smith jds at randomgang.com
Tue Aug 26 11:35:07 PDT 2008

> Her desired badge was "(Fieldless) A walrus azure", correctly 
> reblazoned by multiple Heralds as "(Fieldless) A walrus 
> (sejant/statant/couchant erect, equivalent postures in a pinniped but 
> some posture is required) guardant azure" and it was found to be in 
> conflict with "Argent, a seal sejant azure" (Mary Zeal, 
> device, 10/95). 
> I was not her consulting herald, but if I HAD been, I'd have 
> given her 
> the same advice she got, which was there was a CD for fieldless vs 
> argent and another for the guardant head position, even if all 
> pinnipeds were ruled by the College to be without Difference.
> I have two questions. The first is when is head position a CD 
> and when 
> is it not? Is it NEVER a CD, but a blazonable detail when 
> it's not the 
> default of being lined up with the body? Knowing this will help me 
> advise future clients correctly.

Head position is not a CD when dealing with full-body animals. It's just too
small of a detail to make a real difference. A blazonable difference, yes,
but not a Clear Difference.

RfS X.4.h. Posture Changes - Significantly changing the posture or
individual orientation of charges in any group placed directly on the field,
including strewn charges or charges overall, is one clear difference.

Changing the posture of at least half of the charges in a group is one clear
difference. Changing a sword fesswise to a sword palewise, or from a lion
rampant to a lion passant, is one clear difference. Multiple changes to the
posture or orientation of the same charges may not be counted separately, so
a lion passant bendwise is one clear difference from a lion couchant to
sinister. Changes of posture or orientation of separate charge groups may
each be counted. A change of posture must affect the orientation of the
charge, or significantly change its appearance. Changes in the position of
the head, for instance, are not significant, nor is the change from statant
to passant, which essentially moves only one leg. Changing from passant to
couchant, however, visually removes the legs from the bottom of the charge
and is considered significant.

When dealing with *just* heads, it is a CD, as the change of
orientation/posture would affect the entire charge.

> The second is, what CAN we do to garner that second CD. As 
> I've noted, 
> posture options in pinnipeds are limited. Rampant or courant would be 
> stupid. Would reversed qualify? Are there other things I 
> could suggest 
> to her short of adding a secondary or tertiary charge or altering the 
> tincture?

Reversing the orientation would certainly clear the above conflict. I'd try
that, first; it's simple, and keeps the badge fieldless and uncluttered. I
know she wants a blue walrus, so changing its tincture is unlikely, so
seeing if you can talk her into adding a tertiary charge on the walrus would
be your next bet.

> Thank you in advance for any advice you care to offer. The Commentary 
> contained no such advice I noticed.

Sometimes advice is there, sometimes not. It's always good to ask. :)


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