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I have tried downloading the two gazettes, and get the same results. I 
may have to look for a better ftp reader. Unfortunately I can't install 
version 9 from Adobe, and trying to garbled version 8.

I have passed Laurel's ruling on to Fiontan, and expect to hear from 
him soon, but in the mean time, I freely admit I am NO hand with period 
names, and could use whatever advice you have on THIS issue. Fiontan 
used to go by Finton O'Quigg, so I am fairly certain the SOUND of the 
name is what's important to him.

Anyone feel like suggesting an alternative, or better sources?


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> I am trying to find out why Fiontain o Cuaig's device  was
>  returned by kingdom 2/08. These two gazettes won't open
>  in my ftp  reader, although it can read all the others.

The 2 Gazettes in question may be larger than your ftp reader can 
handle.  Try
pulling them down tot he hard drive before opening them if you have 
issues.  I
have had a couple problems before and that generally resolves it.

As for the device, it has already been noted that it was returned at 
Kingdom for
a lack of a name. (returned 7/07 by laurel) The kingdom does=2
0not create 
names so if there is no name when the device hit kingdom then it 
gets returned.  So permission to create a holding name is not relevant 
at the
kingdom level.

Now the names was returned as part of the 07/2007 LoAR.  Here is the 
text of the

"Fiontan Ó Cuaig.  Name.

     No documentation was submitted and none found to suggest that the 
Ó Cuaig was used in period. The name is documented from MacLysaght, 
Surnames. MacLysaght's book is about modern names and provides modern 
forms of
both Gaelic and Anglicized spellings. At one time, this book was the 
reference we had for Irish names, but this is no longer the case. 
MacLysaght provides few if any dates, and because the forms given in 
this work
are explicitly modern, it is no longer acceptable as sole documentation 
Irish names. The commenters were unable to find Ó Cuaig or any similar 
dated to period. Barring such documentation, Ó Cuaig is not 

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