[ANSTHRLD] Call for Help

kobrien at texas.net kobrien at texas.net
Fri Feb 1 10:53:40 PST 2008

> Anyway does anyone have graphics for these awards or are willing to help me
> make them.  I am looking for preferably decent vector images as well as the
> ones for the page as I would like to make the vectors available for people
> who need graphics to base insignia on. But that is not a necessity for
> these pages.  The real goal is the description pages of what the awards are
> for.

Graphics should be available in the award text document.  I remember when 
Francois was Star we went over it fairly thoroughly and corrected some images 
that had errors.

I thought that the award text document was on the website, but I can't find 
it.  Maybe someone who is better at finding stuff on the website knows where 
it is.  (I can never find anything on the website...)


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