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Yeah ... as the designer of that page over 7 years ago I vote for scrapping
it and begin anew. :)

Baron Borek put out a heraldic CD a few years ago with all of these images.
They are the hand drawn ones. If you do not have it I have it and we can
collaborate. But making new stuff would be so uber wonderful. :)

Ya knows I will help! :D

HL Chiara Francesca
Kingdom WebMinister, Ansteorra

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Alright.  I will admit I am not a spectacular web artist like Emma.  So I am
asking for some help.  

I am in the process of redoing and then relinking this section (
http://heraldry.ansteorra.org/honors/ ) back to the website.  They appear to
have been orphaned some time in the past.  Here is a preliminary/in process
version ( http://heraldry.ansteorra.org/honors/indexnew.php ).  What I am
missing is some graphics for many of the different awards (Thistle, Crane,
etc).  I also plan on providing description pages for those that are
currently missing but that is a future project ;-).  

Anyway does anyone have graphics for these awards or are willing to help me
make them.  I am looking for preferably decent vector images as well as the
ones for the page as I would like to make the vectors available for people
who need graphics to base insignia on. But that is not a necessity for these
pages.  The real goal is the description pages of what the awards are for.

I will also take recommendations on the page layout and usability.  If you
think we should just scrap this section then let me know.

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