[ANSTHRLD] Request conflict check

Britt tierna.britt at gmail.com
Tue Feb 19 16:30:28 PST 2008

Blazon it:
Per bend bendy Or and gules and gules, on a compass star Or a roundel sable.

Conflict with: Kourost Bernard of the East Woods - reblazoned December
of 2000 (via the West): Sable, a sun Or eclipsed sable.

Due to the partial Or upper half of the field the move to base is
forced, a sun eclipsed is a sun charged with a roundel and mullets of
seven or more points are the heraldic equivalent to suns, therefore
there is one CD for changing the field.

- Teceangl
Heraldry is designed to be easily reproduced by anyone who sees the arms. -

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