[ANSTHRLD] Is the SCA going to recognize Kosovo?

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But, justin case someone wants to ever start a shire in Serbia, I'd
advise Laurel/Wreath to make sure that there's a statement of the form
"We are not ruling at this time as to whether Kosovo is or is not
currently a nation." followed by justification that any sufficiently
important flag may be protected (perhaps under the "Military Insignia"
later in the AH?)

Sayeth Johann:

Well, then, that begs the question:  What is required?  Does the recognition of a country by another country create a sufficient requirement to consider such protection?  Is there more?  I'm afraid we're now getting into the realm of mundane world politics and foreign relations, which may be outside our jurisdiction.  Who alone has the power to say whether or not a country exists?  We may say that it does not, but the country in question may beg to differ, regardless of the opinion of others.  It sounds like a tightrope walk between SCA and mundane with a land mine at each end.

Lord Johann Kiefer Haydon (Paul E. Kiefer, Jr.)
(Who knows all about the land mines and pitfalls of foreign affairs.)

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