[ANSTHRLD] Is the SCA going to recognize Kosovo?

kobrien at texas.net kobrien at texas.net
Wed Feb 20 09:00:28 PST 2008

> Throwing a cat at someone's face is actually a pretty serious act of
> hostility.  (Unless it's Mari's Bess, who is such a mellow cat;
> I expect her reaction would be "oh, you're paying attention to me!
> just in an unusual way.  purrrrrr.  Let me drape myself carefully
> across your head and pose artistically."  Her title is The Queen's
> Most Gracious Majesty.)

You got the cats mixed up.  :)  

Hattie (the gray one) is the FAP (Feline American Princess) who believes that 
humans live merely to pet her and worship at her paws.  If you ask her, the 
Pelican decision meetings at my house were simply ways to gather her 
worshipers together every month.  And she's usually pretty mellow - when she 
was a half-grown kitten, my then-6-year-old niece would carry her around 
until the adults made her put the cat down and give the cat a break.  And all 
Hattie did was look wistfully at the adults with an expression of "Are we 
done yet?"

Bess (the black one) is the cat you fish out from behind furniture in yet 
another attempt to convince her that humans aren't things to be scared of.  
(She was born feral and trapped when she was 6 weeks old, so she's never 
become a lap cat, though she definitely likes the perks of indoor living: cat 
treats, soft kitty beds...)  Once each decision meeting, I'd pull her out and 
we'd go around with different people talking quietly to her and petting her 
head.  It really made a difference in getting her adjusted to lots of 
different people.  She still doesn't go looking for people, but she is okay 
with meeting them if I'm holding her.  (And the vet is grateful for this 
personality adjustment!)


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