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Not being a Member of the CoA either, I know exactly what my 2 cents are
really worth.

That being said...

Robin, do you mind  if I just slap my signature below your post with a "me
too" note next to it?

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On Thu, Jul 10, 2008 at 10:04 AM, Jay Rudin <rudin at ev1.net> wrote:

> Tostig asked:
>  Not being a member of the CoA, can anyone provide a summary
>> of the argument(s) in favor of eliminating the Laurel Wreath from
>> Territorial Arms?
> Well, I'm not a member of the College of Arms, either, but the basic
> argument is fairly straightforward:
> Requiring a Laurel wreath is a non-heraldic, non-historical, non-authentic
> bureaucratic requirement that usually forces more complex (and therefore
> worse) heraldry.  It makes it harder for new groups to design armory, and
> harder for people to create banners and other heraldic bearings.
> It is, in every relevant way, a violation of the College's charge to
> encourage good, authentic armory.
> English baronies don't have to use Lions.  French shires don't have to use
> fleurs-de-lys.  Castilian cities don't have to use castles.
> It doesn't serve the people, or the branches, or the CoA, or the
> corporation, in any relevant way.
> Sometimes we allow non-period options, as in the Mundane Name Allowance, to
> serve the people of the SCA.  Sometimes we require non-period restrictions,
> like unique names, for bureaucratic simplicity.  But there's no reason to
> force a non-period restriction that gets in people's way, makes good
> heraldry *harder* to design, and serves no actual purpose.
> The only argument in favor of requiring a Laurel wreath is that it marks
> our branches as SCA branches.  That's true.  "Look --bad, overly complex,
> non-period heraldry -- it must be the SCA!"
> I'm all in favor of striking down this useless holdover rule from the
> 1960s, when the SCA registered Elvish names and stars as place-names.
> Robin of Gilwell / Jay Rudin
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