[ANSTHRLD] [Fwd: Heraldry announcement for Commentary]

Alden Drake alden_drake at sbcglobal.net
Thu Jul 10 09:38:47 PDT 2008

Jay Rudin wrote:
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> Requiring a Laurel wreath is a non-heraldic, non-historical, 
> non-authentic bureaucratic requirement that usually forces more 
> complex (and therefore worse) heraldry.  It makes it harder for new 
> groups to design armory, and harder for people to create banners and 
> other heraldic bearings.
> It is, in every relevant way, a violation of the College's charge to 
> encourage good, authentic armory.
> *snip*
I had a chat with Master Robin (not too long ago) about the history we 
attempt to recreate and the game we play - two very different things.  I 
think this practice falls squarely into the game we play.

Having a wreath on territorial arms can have a negative impact for 
anyone who fights while wearing those arms.  If the Baron of Doe fights 
in a surcoat bearing the arms of the barony, he may make himself a 
target to the enemy, who probably thinks, "I don't know who that person 
is, but he's wearing a wreath, so he must be a landed noble....I want to 
kill that guy!"  Much like "kill the guy wearing a crown on his helm/arms"


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