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> I know they are separate issues and separate proposals, but 
> the two issues in this request for commentary ARE related by 
> what Robin points out as the single argument in favor of thsi 
> requirement: A laurel wreath marks a device as territorial 
> arms. If members of the Order of the Laurel are permitted to 
> include a laurel wreath in their arms -- and there's no 
> logical reason for denying them this given the fact that the 
> other peerages and nobility can use THEIR symbols of rank -- 
> then that utility is gone anyway. If you see a device you are 
> unfamiliar with that includes a laurel wreath, it might be 
> territorial arms OR those of a Laurel peer.
> Kevin
> Northkeep

The way I phrased it, in response to a member of the Northshield

Two points, both of long-standing debate (at the very least within the
College of Arms and three or four kingdom's worth of College of

New territorial branches have for many-many years been REQUIRED to add
the Laurel wreath to their official arms.  Acceptance of part one would
no longer _require_ the Laurel wreath on territorial arms going forward.
(No *requirement* to change existing territorial armory.)

Part two would allow (and even reserve) the Laurel wreath to members of
the Order of the Laurel going forward.  (No *requirement* for any
existing armory to change.)

With acceptance OR rejection of either proposal, the Laurel wreath would
remain a restricted charge:  the acceptance of the second would relax
the restriction in favor of the Order of the Laurel.

My quick shirt-cuff explanation, anyway.

Adieu, Amra / ttfn - Mike / Pax ... Kihe

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