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The Laurel as a Charge, Award and Office confusion reminds me of an 'Order of the Stick' ("Level Up, Level Down" if memory serves) strip about the vastly different ways "level" was used in D&D.  We're stuck with it unless major changes occur.
In my opinion, reversing a 40+ year Precedent is a major change.
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Etienne said:

>Thoughts on not keeping the requirement in territorial arms:
>1) If recognizing group arms, and members of a group, was absolutely 
>then the required laurel wreath should be required on group badges as 
well.  So
>that the members of the groups are recognized as members of a 
territorial group
>and not confused with a private household or person.  Of course, this 
>create great confusion in the minds of newcomers as to who is a Laurel 
and who
>is just a member of a group.

Actually, it's more than that. I remember a newly-created Laurel Queen 
of Arms lamenting the fact that she couldn't wear her own badge of 
office because she wasn't a Mistress of the Laurel.

If the Laurel Queen can't wear something with a Laurel on it when she 
isn't a Laurel, then NOBODY but the embodiment of a territorial branch 

Of course, that leaves the issue of founding ex-baron(esse)s, who could 
have little-bitty laurels in the arms carried in canton.
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