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Correct me if I am wrong but as a member of two baronial guards (long story)
I remember sitting with the local herald of both Baronies at different
points in time while designing baronial tabards and was reminded that we, as
a populace, could not wear the Baronial Arms. That is reserved only for
banners and for the sitting B&B or B to wear.

Anyhow, I am against the change. I have to agree with Da'ud that this seems
to be more about "new broom sweeps clean" syndrome that hits when the office
changes over than about public opinion or periodness (sp?). I mean, can
someone quote a book or heck even a url with a device that uses a
representation of their peerage inside the shield as opposed to outside the
shield yet? If not, there goes that periodness argument as well. 

What this call is about: they want general public's opinion not just that of
the colleges. So it is for every (wo)man so to speak, to ... speak up and
say yea or nay. Discussing it on this list is one thing, it matters not who
you are, sending in your comments to the office asking for this is still
much better. :)  

Chiara Francesca
>From the school of Da'ud Bob's Heraldry

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At Lists at Castleton, I went off looking for my baron and baroness.

For one thing, most of the large pavillions around the field were from
SCA branches, so the laurel wreaths not only gave no help at all --
they were visual clutter.

For another, I wasn't looking for some random group, any group would
do -- I wanted a specific group.  I scanned for a halberd and stars,
not for a laurel wreath.  If I need to find Sara, I might scan for
black-and-white with a counterchanged castle and funky stars.  If I
have a message for Oakenwald Pursuivant, I'm looking for a dark and
muddy banner with a yellow staircase and a color-on-color tree.  And
if I'm looking for the armed men of Bryn Gwlad, there's no laurel on
their tabards at all.

Danel Lincoln
Tim McDaniel, tmcd at panix.com
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