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> There have been 13 registrations for Armory with either "an orle of chain" or "an annulet of chain" since the Regalia was registered by Laurel in 1998.  Those who have are noted in the LoAR as being a KSCA .  There were 16 registrations before then with no such notations in the LoAR.

Laurel reserved the regalia in 1998 but the restriction on the use of
an orle/annulet of chain dates before that. I was only '98 that the
reservation of these as items of regalia occurred.
Crowns have been reserved since 1970.
Caps of maintenence have been reserved since 1971.
Chaplets of roses and wreaths of roses have been reserved since 1971.
Laurel wreaths have been reserved to branches since 1971.
Pelicans in their piety have been reserved since 1971, 1973 or 1974
depending on what happened beyond recorded Laurel comments.
The chain became officially reserved in an LoAR in 1984. If it was
reserved before that there is no record in collected Laurel rulings.
Here's The Word:

A loop of chain in any tincture is reserved to knights in the SCA.
[BoE, 16 Dec 84, p.15]

So now we re-count what's registered, discounting anything registered
before December 1984.  The count is 30 items including orles or
annulets of chain.  In a couple of cases it's multiple pieces of
armory registered to the same person.

> There have been no registration for armory with a "Chapeau", "Pelican vulning itself" or "A pelican in its piety" at all (unless it's in the most recent LoAR which brought up the question in the first place).  In fact, the only 2 Pelicans on registered Armory are from the 1970s.

Right. Nobody's gone for the hat and the one Pelican with a pelican in
its piety in their armory is the one just registered.

White belts and baldrics...
The badges of '(Fieldless) A white belt' and '(Fieldless) A white
baldric' were each registered in 1982 to the SCA. Those badges remain
registered and the items were registered as regalia in 1998. No one
has apparently even attempted to include a white belt in their armory.
A white baldric would be difficult to emblazon. There was once a rumor
that fesses and bends/bends sinister argent (sometimes the rumor
includes 'surmounted by a buckle') argent constituted white belts and
baldrics, but that has never been true.

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