[ANSTHRLD] SCA Armory for Bestowed Peerages

Jay Rudin rudin at ev1.net
Sat Jul 12 06:57:26 PDT 2008

Kevin responded to Etienne:

>>Tostig's research just reminded me of a reason that registration of 
>>peerage elements should not be allowed.  (Thanks, Tostig).
>> ...a peerage can be resigned or stripped by action of the BoD...
>> For this reason alone, I think the registration of peerage
>> elements as a component in arms...should be disallowed completely.

> Very good point. It may be rare, but it happens. IS there a rule for 
> removing an element for which one is NO LONGER qualified?

No, there is a rule forbidding it.

Submission Regulations III.C.Protection of Registered Items
1. Registered Items Remain Registered - Once registered, an item shall be 
protected until written notice of release is received by the Laurel Office 
from the owner. In the case of defunct Society branches, release may be 
granted by joint consent of the Crown and Kingdom Seneschal after 
appropriate notice in the newsletter of the kingdom in which the branch was 
located. *Protection shall continue to apply even if the item in question 
could not be registered under the Rules for Submission currently in effect 
(Grandfather Clause).* (emphasis mine)

It would be illegal to change the armory of an ex-peer without his 

Robin of Gilwell / Jay Rudin

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