[ANSTHRLD] fimbriated edges and field divisions

Crandall crandalltwo-scalists at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 2 13:28:33 PDT 2009

Not superior,just different. 
The College will agree that I am very different. 

1. Wavy and fimbriated are line treatments, combining them does not work. 

2. Per pale sable and azure bendy argent (or argent bendy azure depending on the size of the bendy) overall a (charge) Or. 
Complexity of seven, four tinctures, one field treatment, one division, one charge. 
I would suggest just the field without the charge to check first. Simplicity is good. 

The charge would lose clarity if the tincture were the same. But if there were sufficient contrast, a charge could still be overall. 
If a charge is only on one side, then those that twitch at the slightest possibility of marshalling would jump on it. It would appear to be two devices combined. 

Crandall, Olde Phule 

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> Subject: [ANSTHRLD] fimbriated edges and field divisions
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> Dear Heralds,
> Question 1:
> I know the general rule of thumb for fimbriation is
> "regular" edges only.  Wavy is an enhanced type
> of edge, but far more regular in shape than many of the
> other types.  Can a wavy pile be fimbriated?  I could not
> find any in the OandA database, so I assume the answer is
> no, but I wanted to be sure.
> Question 2: (unrelated to question 1)
> Can a field be divided "per pale" with one half
> of the field being a solid color and the other being bendy
> of a color and a metal?  If so how would this be
> blazoned?  In mundane terms, this client is seeking a
> device divided vertically (per pale) with black on the left
> and blue and white bendiness on the right, although I do not
> think he is particular about which side is which.
> Extension to Question 2: Assuming the option described in
> question 2 is allowable, can only the black part of the
> field carry a charge?
> I throw myself on your superior heraldic wisdom,
> Regards,
> Giovanni
> Oakenwald Pursuivant

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