[ANSTHRLD] A little more help if you please...

Jennifer Smith jds at randomgang.com
Tue Apr 21 07:11:28 PDT 2009

Yes, replying to myself: 

> Daniel wrote: 
> >Emma wrote:
> > > The next problem that would be introduced then is that, 
> as I see it,
> > > you have a wagon wheel, pair of wings, and an annulet all in the
> > > same charge group. This is cause for return under the "no
> > > slot-machine" rule: RfS VIII.1.a says:
> >
> > Thing is, I don't think that they are "in the same group".  
> "A charge
> > within a circular charge" is not a standard arrangement in the same
> > way that "two and one" or "in saltire" are.
> True, but... Hm. Okay - time for me to go precedent digging. 
> I have this
> hazy memory that says "a charge within a annulet" has been treated
> alternately as a group primary and as a sole primary within a 
> secondary, and
> I don't know which is right (or more current, more precisely).

Yay for precedents. The more recent stuff, at least, that I find all says
that a framing charge (annulet or mascle, say) is treated as a secondary.
Learn something new every day!


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