[ANSTHRLD] achievements for barons (was: A question on behalf of a client)

Coblaith Muimnech Coblaith at sbcglobal.net
Fri Jul 17 12:22:37 PDT 2009

Kevin wrote:
> As far as the rules for what one may register in an achievement go,  
> does a court barony qualify one as a Grant or as a Noble?

A noble.

> The minimal example given in the examples for a noble is a county. . .

Given in the examples where?  Page 6 of the Achievement Guidelines  
<http://herald.ansteorra.org/publications.php> offers an example that  
says, in part, "A few years after the White Scarf, Don Iago was made  
a Court Baron. With this noble title, His Excellency received not  
only a coronet and a beautiful charter in court, but is now entitled  
to a new achievement scroll with arms, baronial coronet, helm,  
livery, crest, and supporters."

> . . .On the list of 'awards and honors in Ansteorra', court  
> baronies are listed with the grants and landed baronies with the  
> nobles.

Again, what list?  That's not the way it is on the "Honors of  
Ansteorra" page on the College of Heralds' site <http:// 
herald.ansteorra.org/honors/>.  "Barony in Fief" and "Court Barony"  
are both under "Nobility".

> . . .can a court baron register an achievement with a simple  
> baronial coronet on the helm?

Yes.  (That's explicit in the quote from the Achievement Guidelines I  
gave above.)

> Can a LANDED baron do so, and then retain it after stepping down?

An example on page 7 of the Achievement Guidelines says, "Two years  
later, he was invested as the Baron of Namron, and is entitled to the  
special charter of a Baron in Fief; however, he is not yet entitled  
to a new achievement scroll."  Since one is entitled to a new  
achievement scroll each time one becomes entitled to and registers a  
new achievement, that a barony in fief doesn't carry achievements  
with it is implicit in this statement.

Coblaith Muimnech
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