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Actually, the answer to your last question may *not* be "NO".  It appears to have been common practice in years past to include reference to the holdings-in-fief of the formerly-landed court baron/ess in selecting the style and form of the baronial coronet on the crest.


Or at least so I seem to recall from the work of more than one scribe... cf. the achievement of the departed & lamented HE Gwendolyn of the Copper Beeches, perhaps?

As to the primary question, baronial status .usuallyEQ. baronial status = Grant, while a barony-in-fief = nobility (but, even being a temporary condition, still yields baronial coronet for achievement IMNSHO).

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> Date: Fri, 17 Jul 2009 14:52:06 -0400
> From: kevinkeary at aol.com
> Subject: [ANSTHRLD] A question on behalf of a client
> As far as the rules for what one may register in an achievement go, 
> does a court barony qualify one as a Grant or as a Noble?
> The minimal example given in the examples for a noble is a county, but 
> if court baronies do not confer nobility, then landed baron(esse)s are 
> at best temporary nobles. On the list of 'awards and honors in 
> Ansteorra', court baronies are listed with the grants and landed 
> baronies with the nobles. But I have understood that losing a 
> qualification to register something does not cause that registration to 
> become invalid, IF you have already registered it.
> So, for instance, can a court baron register an achievement with a 
> simple baronial coronet on the helm?
> Can a LANDED baron do so, and then retain it after stepping down?
> Does the answer to the first question depend on whether the court baron 
> was previously a landed baron (or baroness, what with modern mundane 
> technology and all)? (This question I am fairly sure is answered with a 
> NO.)
> Kevin
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