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The last time I can remember Landeds not getting a Court Barony in Ansteorra was about 6-8 years ago.  

Landeds serve at the pleasure of the Crown, and the Crown can remove them, or ask them to step down.  I would say if the situation is such that the Crown has to ask a Landed to step down, they probably will not get a Court Barony when they do.


> In principle, it is not automatic, and I can imagine cases
> when the
> king and queen would decide not to give a court barony to
> stepping-down landed.  Mind you, you'd want to watch
> the massive
> political meltdown from a distance, but it _could_ happen.
> (The groups that were nuked in Pug's tenure: were any of
> them
> baronies?  If so, did the last landeds get court
> baronies?)
> But unless Star has changed or will change policy on this
> matter, I
> believe that a landed noble gets no heraldic perqs due to
> being a
> landed noble, except perhaps the "founding baron" perq (I'd
> have to
> care enough to look up any wording).
> Daniel de Linccolne
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