[ANSTHRLD] A question on behalf of a client

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When Jan stepped down from Bjornsborg he stated that he would not accept a CB as he saw it as a demotion. As far as I know he was never in a court that offered one to him. 

There have been cases in more recent history as well. 

Crandall, Olde Phart 

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> The last time I can remember Landeds not getting a Court
> Barony in Ansteorra was about 6-8 years ago.  
> Landeds serve at the pleasure of the Crown, and the Crown
> can remove them, or ask them to step down.  I would say
> if the situation is such that the Crown has to ask a Landed
> to step down, they probably will not get a Court Barony when
> they do.
> William

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