[ANSTHRLD] achievements for barons (was: A question on behalf of a client)

Wendel Bordelon rwbordelon at gmail.com
Fri Jul 17 13:29:11 PDT 2009

And I am surprised, but understand, the consensus that a landed barony -- an
> explicitly temporary ennobling with the court barony to follow NOT
> guaranteed -- actually confers LESS rights to registering achievement
> elements, at least in good taste. Surprised, and surprisingly pleased.

Those holding a barony in fief don't get to register any achievement foo for
themselves at that point but by virtue of being "the barony" are entitled to
the baronial achievement during their tenure.  These folks also carry the
precedence of their barony,  For example, look up Her Excellency Isabeau
Quiquandon of Stargate.  She carries the precedence of 1972 even though she
is obviously too young to have been around then.



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