[ANSTHRLD] achievements for barons (was: A question on behalf of a client)

Jay Rudin rudin at ev1.net
Sun Jul 19 10:12:44 PDT 2009

kevinkeary wrote:

> And I am surprised, but understand, the consensus that a landed barony --  
> an explicitly temporary ennobling with the court barony to follow NOT 
> guaranteed -- actually confers LESS rights to registering achievement 
> elements, at least in good taste. Surprised, and surprisingly pleased.

The landed barony is not "temporarily ennobling".  It's permanent.  The 
person who has it is temporary.  My nobility as Baron of the Steppes is 
still there, held by my heir, Baroness Katheryn Cunningghame.  The 
nobvility of the Steppes will still be there when she no longer rules it

A landed barony has the right to a complete achievement.   Your 
misunderstanding is that you are confusing the barony 's rights with the 
current holder's rights.  When I was baron of the Steppes, I used the 
barony's complete achievement -- arms, crest. supporters and motto.  But 
they belonged to the barony and are no longer mine.

Robin of Gilwell / Jay Rudin 

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