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On Wed, 22 Jul 2009, Mike Wyvill <wyvillmike at hotmail.com> wrote:
> And mentioning Shires begs the question:



> Why isn't the seneschal of such a group a Sheriff?

I am told that the Board of Directors early banned further use of
"sheriff", feeling that it was being used as a kind of landed title.
I don't have a citation for that, though.  (Of course, in period it
was *not* a landed title.  But it would be most appropriate for the
seneshal, not a separate ceremonial head.)

Yosef Alaric of the Baliset had been invested as Sheriff of Smoking
Rocks, and for decades was the last remaining SCA sheriff.
<http://jducoeur.livejournal.com/106572.html>, Justin du Coeur's Diary
Entry for June 23rd, 2004, says

     There were two courts. Morning court was the formal investiture of
     the new Barony of Smoking Rocks, which was nice but somewhat
     lower-key than I expected. (I did get a tad annoyed at Joram, who
     needs to learn that the herald should never upstage his Baron.) I
     was slightly disappointed that they had Yosef formally step down
     as Sheriff -- since he was (AFAIK) the last remaining Sheriff in
     the Society, I personally would have just redefined the title so
     that he could keep it. (Especially after msmemory gave me the idea
     of calling him "the dowager Sheriff of Smoking Rocks", which would
     be appropriately amusing.)

So no more sheriffs, dammit.

Daniel de Lincoln
Tim McDaniel, tmcd at panix.com

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