[ANSTHRLD] Branch heraldic title

kevinkeary at aol.com kevinkeary at aol.com
Wed Jul 22 16:12:24 PDT 2009

I have discussed the advice I received on this list (from a number of 
heralds more knowledgeable than me) with the officers of Northkeep, and 
we are preparing a submission: Black Fox Pursuivant.

A fox sable is one of our registered supporters, not that Laurel gives 
a fig for achievement registrations, and is a common enough charge both 
in the SCA and mundanely. A plausible heraldic charge was one of the 
things I was told was acceptable as a heraldic title.

Black and Fox are both words in common English. The name does not 
conflict with anything in the O&A.

What do I need for documentation? Do I need to photocopy pages from a 
dictionary showing those are real words? Do I need to cite the use of 
either or both as period names, or charges?

I checked, spot-checked really, and every branch heraldic title I 
looked up in the O&A is registered to the kingdom, not the branch. I 
assume WE still need to initiate and pay for the submission, but do I 
fill out the Branch Name as "Northkeep, Barony of" or as "Ansteorra, 
Kingdom of"? If the former, will it be changed at some point?

I assume the Legal Name of Contact is that of our seneschal. However, 
if the Branch is Ansteorra, then maybe it should be Star or the kingdom 

Everything else on the form looks like I CAN'T fill it out wrong unless 
I'm a doofus. Ah, a loophole...


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