[ANSTHRLD] Branch heraldic title

Ron eirik at hot.rr.com
Wed Jul 22 18:20:50 PDT 2009

Skipping the documentation question, actually I have submitted photocopies
from the OED to document order names before. Don't forget to document the
construction also.

> I checked, spot-checked really, and every branch heraldic title I
> looked up in the O&A is registered to the kingdom, not the branch. I
> assume WE still need to initiate and pay for the submission, but do I
> fill out the Branch Name as "Northkeep, Barony of" or as "Ansteorra,
> Kingdom of"? If the former, will it be changed at some point?

Okay, the Administrative Handbook from Laurel states:

"4. Heraldic Titles - Titles for the use of heraldic officers. There are
several types of heraldic titles:

a. Kingdom and Principality Heralds: Titles for principal heralds of a
kingdom or chief heralds of principality. These may be registered to the
Kingdom or to the Principality directly, at the discretion of the kingdom.

b. Other Branch titles: Titles for heralds in service to local branches.
These may be registered to the kingdom to which the branch belongs or to the
branch in which they will be used, at the discretion of the kingdom. In
either case, the kingdom must approve the form of any heraldic title.

c. Staff titles: Kingdoms and principalities may register titles for such
heraldic positions as are necessary to meet the staffing needs of the
organization. Kingdom staff titles are registered to the kingdom in which
they are used; principality staff titles may be registered to the kingdom or
by the principality directly, at the discretion of the kingdom."

I would consult with Star on the matter and follow her directive on filling
the forms out.

Eirik Halfdanarson

P.S. You're rubbing off on me, Daniel.

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